Solar Doctor Services

Operation and Maintenance

The objective of Operation and Maintenance of PV system is to Safeguard the system over a period of its life. The O&M contract helps to ensure smooth functioning of the system without losing power units.

Solar Doctor ensure to engage with you as a partner for next 25 Years by provide timely support by visiting your premises. We undertake AMC for carrying out necessary precautions as laid below:


    ·        Performance Monitoring and Analysis-Periodically remote monitoring of the system by technical experts.

    ·        issue Detection and Diagnostics: If any issue found in your system then vendor will suggest you the rectification work

    ·        Analyzing the power generation, Audit energy production: The vendor will visit the site to check the generation and compare this with the designed parameters.

    ·        Structure strengths and quality assurance- Solar Doctor will design structure to sustain for 25 years.

    ·        Cleaning Solution -On average, regular solar array cleaning will increase annual solar energy production by 5 to 7% in climates with a dry season.


Yes, it is necessary to clean the solar array regularly as because this will increase annual solar energy production by 5 to 10%.
From the customer view point the customer will tend to think about cost being incurred on AMC. We request the customer to think differently. In solar the power generation is free for lifetime but to ensure enough power generation cleaning of the module is compulsory on regular basis. The power generation to the extent of 10% is lost due to unclean modules. We therefor always recommend entering in AMC at the rate of 2% of Project Cost so, you can save at least 10% which would have been lost for not having AMC.
If you are interested in receiving detailed information about how much energy your solar panel system is producing, ask your installer about solar monitoring system options.
The annual maintenance and recurring costs are almost negligible, since there are no moving parts and the input source sunlightis free. For optimum performance, the system only requires cleaning of modules and basic preventive and corrective maintenance. To ensure high generation and low maintenance cost, regular monitoring through data loggers is highly recommended. Typically, the maintenance costs for smaller Solar PV systems is about 2% of the initial system cost, and for larger systems is about 1% of the initial cost.