Solar Doctor Services

Brand Selection and Procurement

The sole objective of providing this service is to enlighten the customer by providing total transparency by providing price break up by approaching various manufacture/vendors and sourcing competitive quotes for desired Solar PV system.

Solar Doctor helps you to identify the right brand by having unbiased selection method and transparent pricing methodology. Solar Doctor will lead to quality system at appropriate price.

we will get you multiple quotes from our pre-screened vendor/manufacturer and help you not just make an apple-to-apple comparison between the various quotes but also make the right choice and get the most reliable and cost-competitive solar solutions. As per requirement of client, we will also do the bidding process and close the order.


    ·        Brand selection through financial stability and project capacity

    ·        Vendor Assessment (1st priority for Manufacturer, then Distributor and Dealer)

    ·        Floating the Enquiries to approved vendors

    ·        Bid Analysis (Technical and Commercial)

    ·        Purchase Recommendation

    ·        Preparation of Contract Documents with Manufacturer/Distributor/Dealer

    ·        Warranty / Guarantee terms fixation

    ·        Quality inspection and Assurance


Solar Doctor have 5 plus year of experience in sourcing solar capital equipment’s and this will help the customer to buy the right quality system. Generally, customers are not aware of brand and don’t understand the required quality for PV system. Solar Doctor will assist for choosing right brand which will suit requirement of PV system. We will ensure to source right quality of material form supplier who is either manufacturer/dealer and provide total satisfaction to the customer with comparative analysis and assure the customer to get cheapestprice from the market.
Brand plays a big role to arrest daily leakage of revenue. The customer is not aware of poor quality of modules, inverters and cable available in the market. Solar doctor with its experience educates the customer the right quality needed for maximum generation of power. Solar Doctor is genuine to its customer in transparently providing option of all brand with merits and demerits and helps a customer to avoid confusion and save money for next 25 years.
There is complete transparency of pricing between us. We ensure to provide you 15% to 20% price reduction against a nominal fee for the services provided.