Solar Doctor Services

3rd Party Inspection

The objective of 3rd party inspection is to give you 3rd eye perspective about all the necessary precautions taken while installing the PV system. We ensure to provide you support in evaluating the work being done by the installer and, we check the quality of the goods being installed. We check and would assist you for any defects notice on equipment installed which are under warranties. We will help you in identifying any permanent shadow/obstacles affecting power generation due to which over a period quality of panels may deteriorate and warranty is affected.


    ·        Breakdown elimination

    ·        Increase revenue credits

    ·        Extend Solar plant life

    ·        Lesser maintenance cost

    ·        Increase energy generation

    ·        Improved safety


3rd party inspection is the process in which our technical expert will come to visit your site & do inspection of your solar system. After doing the inspection, they will provide you the report on basis of that you can check whether your system is healthy or not?
Sometimes what happen that the installer company didn’t aware the customers regarding how to keep your system healthy? Customers are also too much busy in their routine life due to which they can’t focus on solar system. Sometimes after a long period of time they come to know that the system is not working properly as per expectation and underperforming. That is why 3rd party inspection is quite essential because by doing this customer can check whether their system is running smoothly or not?
Our technical experts will come and check your system and if system is found unhealthy then our expert will suggest you the required changes by doing this system will be start performing better as per your expectation.