Solar Doctor Services

Solar Consultancy

The objective of consultancy is to guide the customer the pros and cons of solar installation and provide in depth understanding about solar project with great transparency about the price being paid for the technology chosen.

It helps you to assess, understand, identify, guide, design, optimize the latest technologies, and provide you reliable cost-effective solution by lowering project cost and providing you complete peace of mind as one stop solution.

As a technical consultant we will provide you detailed technical design and engineering drawings and as a techno commercial consultant will provide you with DPR, selection and evaluation report to assess and guide in making a strategic investment decision.


    ·        Project Duration and Expectation

    ·        Detail design and Engineering

    ·        Brand Awareness

    ·        Detail project Report with energy analysis

    ·        Return of investment projection

    ·        Project quality assurance management

    ·        Feasibility site study analysis

    ·        Finance solution and government benefits


NUSolar Doctor will do review of design and engineering work as mentioned below. Solar Doctor will first check the feasibility of solar power plant and according Solar Doctor will do planning and site survey. Also, we support in Procurement, Commissioning, Monitoring, and start up time of solar power projects.
The deliverable from the Preliminary Feasibility Study will be a single report which addresses each of the points listed within the Scope of the study, and any other relevant information, and includes a concluding section that highlights any issues that may impact on the installation, its performance at the proposed location.
They are the ones who provide drawings, design and engineering plans of the solar plants and describe in briefly about generation analysis, Energy losses and shadow analysis etc.
The job role of a marketing consultant includes preparing techno-commercial reports, DPRs, selection, and evaluation of vendors and much more. the job of solar consultants is to technically and commercially assess the solar companies to make the investment and make strategic decisions. Doing market research and following the market trends is an important part of the job role of a solar consultant.