Our Story

You’re in the right place!

Searching for the best solar solutions? Your search and problems come to an end here. The Solar Doctor is an entity established in 2014 and introduced by the Laksh Group. Solar energy is one of the most promising, renewable and non-polluting resources. Hence, being the solar doctors, it is our duty we provide aids to our clients and resolve their problems by considering ourselves to be the bridge between the verified vendors and customers. We at solar doctor bring to you the best service providers from the industry to our customers door step at a very reasonable cost and at lightning speed. We are being the solar power, try to make our client's life easy by empowering their dreams with our knowledge, expertise, networks and experience. The solar doctor has wide presence across South Gujarat.

“The Necessity is the mother of invention”, this thought is the base foundation of our idea to bring the verified electrical vendors as well as contractors to contribute their individual experience and knowledge to make a better solar renewable world for the customers we bring to them. Hence, Solar Doctor acts like an unbreakable bridge between the verified vendors/contractors and customers to provide the end to end solutions from consultancy to cleaning for the clients.


Solar energy is one of the renewable and useful resources. Therefore, being the solar doctors, we know how to use this solar resource as an aid for our customers. Whereas, being a Technical Consultant, we will provide you detailed Technical design and Engineering drawings and as a techno-commercial Consultant will provide you with DPR, Selection and Evaluation report to assess & guide in making a strategic Investment decision. By choosing us our customer will not regret because of the following benefits:

  • One Stop Solution
  • Backed with innovative ideas, Reliable & cost-effective solutions
  • Transparency
  • Budget Analysis
  • After Sales Services
  • Complete Peace of Mind
  • Access to information about latest technologies and solutions

How Come Solar Doctor existence?

Our chief executive, when he uses to visit customers, he always felt that customer is not being provided the right information for the value being charged. He always had a concern that the customer is not educated about the quality, technical design and engineering, commercial, O&M, selection and evaluation, warranties, preventive maintenance and other aspects. The Solar System was being sold as a commodity and not being treated as a capital goods. All the suppliers are selling the product just by comparing the price given by another vendor.

This perspective was going on in his mind for the last couple of years and he could not take it anymore. He wanted to bring ease to customer. He decided that he should provide total transparency to the customer by way of opening by bring this concept of solar Doctor which enables customer quality backed with savings.